Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vacation and Count Down

   It has been a good week but a busy one. Monday we won 4 games in bowling. Tuesday was our 15th anniversary and I made the label for a quilt. Today was the last day before a 11 day vacation. Needless to say, the students were rather wild especially after 2:30pm. 
   Today I gave the "Lone Star" quilt to the teacher who saved the day for my class. She loved the quilt!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stash Report for Sunday, April 13 & Sunday, April 6, 2014

Added Last week: 0 yards
Added This Week: 0 yards
Added YTD: 38.75 yards
Used Last Week:  1.5 yard
Used This Week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 31.75 yards
Stash ENHANCEMENT: 7 yards

    Although I went on retreat last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I didn't complete much! I made a bag to hold swimming necessities for my DGD#5 and two micro-wave bowls for my teaching partners. 
    Most of my time was putting together the pieces of my first QGA quilt class with C. Regonie. I ran out of leaves and batiks before it was the size I wanted. Then I had to decide if I want to border it as is or add that last row. I couldn't decide so I packed it back up.
     I have decided to border it as is so it can be finished!  I named the top "Muddy Leaves" because I didn't use enough contrast between my backgrounds and leaves. The colors just blend together all muddied up!

    Next I worked on my second Charlotte Angotti Mystery. I love her mysteries BUT she leaves a lot of the finishing directions to the imagination. They take a lot of thinking! I am slow in the thinking department when sewing. All I have left are the finishing triangles.
    This week was iLeap for my third graders! It was a difficult week for them and for me. After they finished testing, we were required to be silent or as close to silent as we could be. Monday testing lasted from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Tuesday's testing lasted until 2:30 so they got to go outside for recess at 2:40pm. Wednesday and Thursday were even longer! Friday, they had to be silent until 11:30. They got tired of reading and napping. I felt so sorry for them! I was just as tired so no sewing. 
    Then Saturday, I drove to Houston for a funeral. Left my house at 5:00am and didn't get back until 7pm. It also makes for a long day. Today, I am going to my sister's to celebrate her 40th anniversary. No sewing except to  embroider a label and steno covers. 
   The GOOD news is that I am off from Thursday to Monday. 11 whole days! Then I have a 4 day week and then start my 3 day weeks. I am ready to go back to being a retired lady. LOL
     Well, I have papers to grade. Lator Gators!

Friday, April 4, 2014

April Goals

Lofty goals for April
Goal 1: UFO/PhD list 
1. Sammie's quilt - needs borders, hand quilting in Neon threads, make/apply binding, and make/apply label. 
2. Block Along blocks for April
Goal 2: Organization of studio
1) Put all fabrics on bookcase. I put them in and take them out again. Endless circle!
2) Work on studio clean-up for 2 hours
Goal 3: New Skills/ NewFO
1) Uneven Log Cabin
3) Jacket
4) Bowls and steno covers

Lofty Goals for March were:
Goal 1: UFO/PhD list for March
 1) Sammie's quilt - needs borders, hand quilting in Neon threads, make/apply binding, and make/apply label. Backing is made!
2). Garden Maze quilt - Make binding strips, hand-bind, and label.
 3) Tom Kat quilt handbind, sew down face, mouse, hole, ball, & label.
 4) MES's crib quilt - quilted, labeled, and bound. Done
5) Wanda's red quilt - Add border, and make backing, binding, 
 6) Block along blocks due March Done 
Goal 2: Organization of studio
1) Put all fabrics on bookcase. I put them on and take them out again. Endless circle!
 Goal 3: New Skills/ NewFO
1) disappearing pinwheels (2 types) Done 

2) Mini Lone Star

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stash Report Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fabric Used this week: yards
Fabric Added this Weekyards 
Fabric Added in March16 1/4 yards
Fabric Added in February: 8 yards
Fabric Added YTD38.7yards
Fabric Used in March: 11.75 yards
Fabric Used in February7.5 yards
Fabric Used YTD: 30.25 yards
Stash ENHANCEMENT: 8.5 yards
    I bought 2 1/2 yards of backing fabric to make a bottom sheet for my California King bed and .5 yard for the binding of MES' quilt. Both have been used this afternoon. 
     At the shop today, the Mod Squad met. They are a Modern quilting bee. I listened in and realized that I am not and probably never will be a truly modern quilter! I love modern bright colors but I adore prints and traditional patterns. I don't particularly like pastels or pale pinks or reproductions or Thimble Berry or civil war or Auntie Grace which would not make me a traditional quilter either. I don't like sampler quilts either but am beginning to like scrappy patterns. I am just a mixed up Cajun quilter who likes what she likes and is indifferent to the rest.
Lator Gators.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Morning Wonderings!

Outside the window...morning sunshine glistening on rain soaked ground.
I am thinking...will I buy out the shop again today or restrain myself?
I am thankful for...the quiet time to hear my own thoughts.
I am large sewing studio!
I am make microwave bowls and steno pads for my co-workers for Easter.
I am finish MES' binding today.
I am looking forward the retreat next week!!!!
I am listening to...the birds sing.
One of my favorite things...early mornings

I am currently reading...blogs as part of my morning routine and Leap instructions.
I am new studio was already completed or at least cleaned!
I am amazed...that some people "sweat" the small stuff until they make it enormous.

I wonder...if I will enjoy eavesdropping on the modern quilt group that is meeting at the shop today.
Could I be a modern quilter? Naw, I am a mixed up Cajun who loves tradition patterns done in modern fabrics with modern backings!
I wonder...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stash Report March 23, 2014

Fabric Used this week: 5 1/4 yards
Fabric Added this Week: 5 1/4 yards 
Fabric Added in March: 13 1/4 yards
Fabric Added in February: 8 yards
Fabric Added YTD35.7yards
Fabric Used in March: 8.75 yards
Fabric Used in February7.5 yards
Fabric Used YTD: 27.25 yards
Fabric for jacket has been kitted and strips sewn together and are now waiting for me to debone sweatshirt and retreat. Coral to left won't work as lining so since it was from stash back it goes and I will pick another fabric.

   As my DD#4 has been saying for the last two weeks, we are not allowed in a fabric store without proper supervision! She has caught the sewing bug and the "Fabric Flu"! I knew it was contagious!
     I finished putting the binding on my "Lone Star" which was never counted. So that was my 5 1/4 yard finish. 
     I was at work all alone with very few customers all day long Saturday surrounded by beautiful fabric! You know I had to do something to keep myself occupied. So I pulled the batiks I needed for my next "Fractured Bargello Jacket." That accounted for 7 quarter yard pieces or 3 1/4 yards. I even cut the first 2 1/2" strips and the .75" strips. 
     Then I decided to find fabric for Easter/Goodbye presents for the other two third grade teachers. I am planning on making them each a microwave bowl and a covered steno pad. That accounted for two more yards! 
     As you can see, I should not be in the shop without supervision. The only reason I didn't buy more is that my boss called and gave me an assignment and customers came in or I would have bought fabric for MES.
      Speaking of MES, her crib quilt has been quilted with jumping frogs. (Sorry Blogger won't let me fix pictures. 
Lator gators! Watch out for the "Fabric Flu!"

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stash Report Sunday March 17, 2014

Fabric Used this week: 2 yards
Fabric Added this Weekyards 
Fabric Added in March8 yards
Fabric Added in February: 8 yards
Fabric Added YTD30.yards
Fabric Used in March3.5 yards
Fabric Used in February7.5 yards
Fabric Used YTD: 22 yards

    Short and sweet! The 2 yards came from a "raincoat" I made for MES, sweet great grand daughter - one yard of laminate and one yard of marine fabric. It can double as a picnic blanket (which it did this weekend) or a changing pad.

    DD#1 sent my Lone Star back quilted and I am putting binding on. This quilt will go to a wonderful teacher who is teaching my "darlings" writing. For me it is a "Win Win Win" situation. I  win not having to teach writing. She wins getting a quilt. But best of all my students win because their writing skills are improving 1000%!
     Lator! I am off to grade papers.