Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Design Wall & Goals for 11/22 - 11/28

Design Wall:
Blocks 11 and 12 of KS BOM
Block 3 of J&B BOM
Twister Christmas Tree
Secret Sister Gifts-Can't show yet

Goals: Update on goals for 11/16 - 11/22 - Very productive week.
This week:
1) Make all the planned Secret Sister gifts. (phone holder, microwave cozy, sewing machine mat, burlap table runner) I have all the fabrics so I just need to sew.
2) Cut out and make blocks 11 and 12 of the KS BOM. Then I need to reevaluate my progress.
3) Make block 3 of the J&B BOM and pick up block 4.
4) Make 10 Reva Blocks, and 10 Wild &[Goosey blocks.
5) Work on Twister Christmas tree.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Stash Report Sunday November 22

Fabric In: 1.375 yards
Fabric In for November: 21.92 yards
Fabric In YTD: 88 yards   
Fabric Out:  11.295 yards
Fabric Out for November: 19.295 yards 
November Stash Enhancement2.625 yards
Fabric Out for 2015: 81 yards
2015 Stash Enhancement: 7 yards
  The rag t-shirt quilt took 11 yards and 10.75 inches to finish with the pillow sham. (25 blocks at 16" + 6 blocks at 12" +3 blocks at 6" + 37" by 27" piece.) Things are looking up! I bought 49.5" of burlap to make a runner for the table.
  The look on DD#1's face when I handed her 2 bags of tops with backings was priceless!
The great thing is that she didn't have a quilt on the frame so she can put Soccer Beauty on this weekend. She has already texted that a lime green back does not go with a black and mostly red New York Beauty. Then she texted that she is making a black back for the quilt. She has a black and cream world print that she can use instead. So maybe in the next week or two, I will have more yardage to report as used.
  Does anyone know of a good free app to use to calculate fabric used by size of quilt? I really need one!
Update on Goals for 11/16 - 11/22.
Lator Gators!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thoughts and Wonderings #6

Today's thoughts:
outside my window...rain.

I am thinking...what a lovely day to either nap or sew.
I am thankful friends, we might not see each other for months but they are always there.
I am to use the computer effectively.
I am listening to...rain on our tin roof.
I am the studio to work on projects.
I am finish t-shirt pillow sham today.

I am looking forward to...Thanksgivings.
one of my favorite things...seeing how different my quilts look after DD#1 is finished quilting them.
I am to make a lined burlap table runner.
           Just thoughts and wonderings on this rainy November day!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thoughts and Wonderings #5

Today's thoughts:
outside my window...clear sky and cool breezes.
I am thinking...I need to move to the studio ASAP.
I am thankful crock pot.
I am remembering...old friends.
I am listening to...the heater running. DH is cold.
I am the Krewe of Quilters guild meeting.
I am finish the bindings for the meeting.

I am looking forward to...Thanksgivings.
one of my favorite things...going to Glen's and playing with the dogs.
I am to make a pillow sham.
           Just thoughts and wonderings!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thoughts and Wonderings #4

Today's thoughts:
outside my window...soft drizzle of rain.

I am thinking...I need to be in studio.
I am thankful husband.
I am remembering...old TV shows. 
I am listening to...DH's super loud TV from the bedroom with Beverly Hillbillys.
I am bring DH to doctor later today.
I am hoping...everything will check out with him.

I am looking forward to...seeing DD#1's face when she sees all the quilts I have for quilting.
one of my favorite things...people watching.
I am wondering...what UFO do I tackle next.
           Just thoughts and wonderings!

Design Wall Monday November 16, 2015 & Goals for 11/16-11/22

Charity Quilts needing binding
Goals for this week:
1.Machine bind 3 charity quilts by Thursday. Done

Rag T-shirt quilt
2. Cut and wash rag t-shirt quilt. Monday I finished putting rows together. Done! Now I am working on a pillow sham to go with quilt. Done! Next week I deliver the quilt. Delivered

KS Blocks 7, 8, & 9
3. Put sashing on blocks 7,8, and 9 of KS BOM. Done Complete Block 10. Block cut out. Done! 

4. Work on Secret Sister gifts(fabric found) , Reva Blocks, & Wild&Goosey. Made phone holders & foot pedal stoppers.
Update from last week:
1) Machine bind Charity quilts - Moved to this week. 
2) Work on blocks 7, 8, & 9 of KS BOM-All 3 blocks made but not sashed.
3) Start sewing t-shirt quilt together.- Rows 3, 4, and 5 sewn together. Rows 4&5 sewn as unit.
  Hopefully, it will be another productive week. I am pulling at the bit to start a new project even if it is a old UFO. Or I could work on the Twister Christmas Tree.
Lator Gators! Have a blessed week.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Stash Report Sunday November 15, 2015

Fabric In: 11.75 yards
Fabric In for November: 21.92 yards
Fabric In YTD: 86.625 yards   
Fabric Out: 0 yards
Fabric Out for November: 8 yards 
November Stash Enhancement13.92 yards
Fabric Out for 2015: 69.705 yards
2015 Stash Enhancement: 16.92 yards
I'm going backwards yet again. I am not worried since more UFOs are going to DD#1 for quilting. When they start coming back, I will get back in the black. You have to add to subtract in quilting!
   OH, The backing and arrangement have been approved so I started putting the rag t-shirt quilt together. I have put 2 of the 5 rows together. When all 5 are together, the fun begins - cutting into the seams and washing to fray the edges.
While that was going on, I also finished block 7; 8; & 9 of the KS BOM and block 2 of the J&B BOM. My large purple storage bag has gone missing meaning it is under something in the sewing room. Once the t-shirt quilt is finished, I have to settle down and transfer everything to the studio. I also need to go thru things so I will know what I have in the way of tools. Some throwing away also has to happen!
  Going to DD#1 for quilting
Muddy Leaves; Geema's Eighteen #1; Soccer Beauty; Red Ribbon; Green Zebra; & Red &  Black.

  I made a backing for Muddy Leaves out of batik fabric from my batik bucket.  
  Geema's Eighteen #1 has a pieced back from the stash. It felt good making these backs from my stash. It also made me realize how much fabric I have.
Fabric In:
Soccer Beauty: 2 yards green
Red Ribbon: 2.75 yards white
Green Zebra: 2 yards cream
Red &Black: 3 yards blue
KS BOM: 2 yards red for sashing
Total: 11.75 yards
I think my quilting mojo is back and hope the NDTDAs won't come back!
I keep forgetting to take the camera to the studio but I promise I'll have pictures tomorrow.