Friday, February 5, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings

Outside my window ...crunchy grass and iced windshields
I am is a great day for making 38 nine patches.
I am thankful...for a warm house and a working fence.
I am baby brother.
I am listening to...Spirit's music still playing even though she went to school.
I am complete the center of the Wedding Quilt and all the 9 patches.
I am hoping...ALEX, the temperamental Phaff, works today and that DD#1s machine gets fixed so she can quilt the Wedding Quilt.
I am looking forward to... finishing the Wedding Quilt.
One of my favorite things...quiet time in the mornings sewing in my studio.
I am wondering...where the Mystery from Hell fabric is hiding.
  Just thoughts and wonderings

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mid-week Progress 2/03/16

The Wedding quilt is going together quicker than I had thought it would. I changed out the piece that was accidently marked on and finished the applique. 2/3 of the center is together already and the whole should be done today.
 The missing fabric still has not been found and the whole Mystery from Hell pack is missing too. So today after DH's doctor appointment, I'll be going to J&B to find a suitable replacement.
  You know as I do that as soon as I buy fabric to do that last set of borders, I will find the missing fabric!
   As I have said before, making plans is useless. Wednesday, a very big black dog jumped into our backyard and was assaulting Lucy and Ama. Then had the nerve to growl at me. So DH and I spent the morning putting up the electric fence. We had to go to Tractor Supply to get more information. The fence worked and when the big dog came back, he got a big shock. He didn't come back today or last night.
  So my fabric trip had to wait until this afternoon. I found a piece that matched closely. I have already started piecing the second border. It starts with a nine patch. I have 15 done and 23 left to do. Then add triangles to each end. Slowly but surely it is getting done.
Lator Gators. I am tired and have to get up early tomorrow.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Design Wall Monday, February 1, 2016

Design Wall - February 1 - 7
 The APQ UFO Challenge number for the month of February is #5 which is the 2016 KS BOM otherwise known as the 'wedding' quilt. So I only have 1 UFO to complete this month.Someone in the universe is looking after me!
Goals for the week
Turned sideways

1. Sew together center and put border 1 on KS BOM - The main goal for this week/month is to finish this quilt.

Second Border
2. . Find fabric to complete Border 2 of KS BOM and begin piecing border- Secondary goal for week. It requires me to also work on #4, #6, and #10.
3. Sew blocks together to make another Geema 18 top as leader/enders. (on-going project for 2016)
4.Continue locating and cutting scraps into usable pieces. Big Go and dies have to go back to DD#1 next weekend.
5. Put binding on DD#1's quilt. Finish binding on Soccer Beauty. (TV project)
6. Sort thru boxes in studio for scraps, UFOs, and usable fabric, etc. Organize if possible.(on-going for February and March. I keep finding more hidden scraps and UFOs.)
7. Complete Block 6 of J&B BOM. (due on Saturday)
8. Make log cabin blocks - black & white for KS Bingo. (due in March)
9. Finish tying PJ's Sneakers. (Before 10am project)
10. Move one short bookcase from den to studio. (once I complete #2, #4, and #6.)
   If I get 1-5 done, it will be a great week! If I get all of my goals done by the end of February, then it will be a fantastic month. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stash Report Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fabric In: .5 yards (scraps from DD#1)
Fabric In for January: .5 yards
Fabric In 2016: .5 yards   
Fabric Out:  2.5 yards(DGD#2's quick quilt) 
Fabric Out for January:  6.5 yards
Fabric Out for 2016: 6.5 yards
January Stash Reduction 6 yards
2016 Stash Reduction: 6 yards
   DGD#2 asked for a quilt to keep her warm in Tennessee so I make a small quick quilt with a layer of Mylar and a layer of batting. It was just two 1+ yard pieces of her favorite fabrics (whole cloth style) quilted by machine in a square pattern not fancy but functional. I used about 2.5 yards of fabric including binding. No photo because it was that quick.
   I finished piecing the inside part of the wedding quilt. Now I get to put it on the design wall and start sewing it together.
   The outer border may present a problem since I don't have enough of one of the fabrics bought for the Mystery From Hell Retreat, the circumstances were difficult not the pattern.
I may need to buy fabric and substitute. The plan is to continue looking for the fabric and if I don't find it by Tuesday, I will buy fabric. I know the fabric is with the other fabrics and pattern, but where that is I do not remember.
   We are still working on the fence and Lucy situation. Friday afternoon, Ama got out and it took Spirit and I half and hour to catch her so we definitely need that fence.
Well, I am off to hunt for fabric.
Lator Gators! Remember to keep making Lemonade for the Lemons life gives you.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Cold January Day

Outside my window ...cold temperatures. When I left to bring DD#4 to work, it was 30 degrees. It is now 40 in the sunshine.
I am is the day I finish all the blocks for the wedding quilt.
I am thankful...for a warm house.
I am remembering...warmer times.
I am listening to...Lucy wine because I have her on a chain. She learned how to get out and is in heat. So until it warms up enough for DH and I to put up a wire to keep her in, she stays on the chain.
I am work hard on finishing projects today.
I am hoping...ALEX, the tempermental Phaff, works today so I can quilt a quick project for DGD#2.

I am looking forward to...seeing my DGD#2. She is coming back from Tennessee to pick up DGGD#1.
One of my favorite things...finishing a UFO.
I am to get my Phaff on a frame home from DD#1 so DD#4 can learn to quilt tops. Then I can decide if I want to get a better machine.
  Just thoughts and wonderings

Paraphrasing Bonnie Huner

Happiness keeps me sweet.
Trials keep me strong.
Sorrows keep me human.
Failures keep me humble.
Successes keep me growing.
Piecing keeps me sane.
Fabric keeps me going.
Everything that happens to us become part of who we are. Rejection is really just redirection towards something better.
paraphrased from Quiltville Quote of the Day 1/28/16
Thanks Bonnie for this great insight at a time I need it.
If you dwell on the negative, it will keep coming. Be positive and positive things will keep arriving. Another way of saying it is "Smile while Praying Until Something Happens." 
Life is like that sometimes!
Well, I am Smiling while Pushing.
Lator Gators. I have too much to get done to spend time feeling sorry for myself.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Chris' Quilt and Multiplying Scraps

In 2011, I offered my granddaughters a week long all expense paid quilting class and after class we would swim at the camp ground.   None of them wanted to go so I asked my eleven year old and just turned 12 year old grandsons if they wanted to learn to piece. Both said "YES!" so off we went to get fabric for the class. Both boys picked very different fabrics. But due to budget restriction got the same pretzel backing.
Proud of his work
Well, their machines stopped working right when they were ready to quilt their tops and they were NOT going to use my new machine. So I promised to tie each quilt. It took me 5 years to get them on the frame.

Chris' Quilt
Thanks to the APQ UFO challenge. Chris' quilt was #2 which got picked while PJ's is number 1.

PJ's is now on the frame no matter which number gets picked! It should be done by Sunday.
    After DGD#2 read that I had finished Chris' quilt and was working on the binding of Trey/DJ's quilt(UFO since May 2011), she asked that I finish hers ASAP.(UFO since May 2012) She moved to Tennessee where it is really cold for someone from South Louisiana! I have to hand quilt it so she is going to have to wait a while longer for it.
I am going to try to make a quick quilt out of this top so she won't freeze. LOL
I have some mylar batting that I will use along with some fusible fleece on one side and the mylar on the other. It should be toasty warm, but may make noise as they move. LOL
   That box of scraps is definitely multiplying and spreading all over the place. I keep finding more scraps everywhere as I clean the sewing room and organize the studio. Those scraps are trying to hide their breeding places. I hope to soon corral all of them in one place. There are enough for all 18 quilts and more.
Well, Got to get busy. Lator Gators.